Green Ideas

Pristine Facilities Management-Green advice to save your organisation money

This section will dedicated to providing you with advice on how to make your organisation and premises more environmentally friendly!

We also have a host of links and 3rd Party partners to help with your green queries below!

PFM Tip for the month;

Are your break rooms or open spaces for employees green areas?

Usually the office break-room in most businesses is sort of industrial and lifeless -generally not a very nice place to take a 'break' at all.

What is our general recommendation? Align the space with its mission. Make the break room and other spaces green by including indoor plant species. Make sure the plant species will thrive indoors. Be careful to select plant breeds that do not contain allergens.

See below for various links to information on being Green!:
- helps businesses and the public sector to cut carbon emissions.
- explains how to reduce and offset carbon emissions ethically and credibly.
- Up-to-date European news on green issues.
- Tips on how to go green both at work and home.


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