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Pristine Facilities Management-Environmentally friendly cleaning across the United Kingdom

Pristine Facilities Management specialises in effective, efficient, environmentally friendly commercial cleaning services across the UK.

Our client base is varied; from Marketing Consultancies to Law Firms, Schools to Museums, we pride ourselves on being able to meet the cleaning and facility management needs of all our clients!

We offer a number of bespoke cleaning services which you can find more information on by clicking here.

Why Use PFM?

Pristine Facilities Management (PFM) was conceived and built with one simple, yet resounding objective in mind:

‘Provide the Best Environmentally Friendly Facilities Management Services for our customers’

This will encompass immaculate cleaning and ancillary services, be it basic or deep cleaning as well as an efficient and economical framework designed to keep your premises in pristine condition! We are staunch advocates that in today's environment, our clients should use a service provider which can address all their premises cleaning needs without damaging the environment, hence why all our products and processes are environmentally friendly.

Our services range from Commercial Cleaning to Facilities Management to help take care of our clients recycling and waste management requirements. Customers can choose between a number of cleaning initiatives and we are fully flexible to the days which they need their organisational premises cleaned and maintained.

We have a proven track record showing that we do not compromise on service and attention to detail across all types of cleaning which is VITAL in today's environment. This is a holistic approach to ensuring that your site is pristine in the purest sense!

We ensure:

Innovative Quality Control for Cleaning and Facilities Management-Through implementation of continuous improvement methods and cycles we regularly define, determine and deliver your cleaning and recycling objectives

High Quality Eco Friendly Services-Whether it be cleaning, recycling or advisory services; only environmentally friendly products and processes are used

Professionalism and No Breach of Confidentiality-All our facilitators are expertly trained and professional; your organisation’s business stays its business

Flexibility-Multitude of packages to fit your organisations' Facility Management needs

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